Premium Grout Sponges

This is our best selling and best performing grout sponge. It is constructed of a high quality, exclusive polyester base material that is specifically designed for the Tile and Stone Industry. We utilize a proprietary “gas explosion reticulation” process to create the optimal number of open cells, while assuring highest level of durability. The result is a sponge that holds and release the maximum amount of water and sand for faster and better grout clean-up…and a sponge that lasts a very long time. See the comparative test results that verify the great performance.

Economy Grout Sponges

These sponges were developed as an economic alternative to our Premium grout sponges. They are made of a good quality polyether base material. We use a cost effective chemical reticulation process to open the sponges cells. The result is a good sponge that meets the needs of Do-It-Yourselfers and applicators that have tight grout clean-up budgets. This sponge provides “at least” equal quality and performance to many competitive sponges that claim premium performance.

Grout Float Sponge

Our Grout Float Sponge was primarily developed for the Do-It-Yourselfer. With our hybrid technology, we were able to bond a rubber grout float material to our Premium grout sponge. The result is a two-in-one product that can be used to apply grout with the float side and then clean it up with the Premium sponge side.

Scrubber Sponge

The Scrubber Sponge is our version of a hybrid. We take our Premium sponge material and bond a layer of our white scrubbing pad on one side. The combination makes for a highly effective grout sponge that has some extra scrubbing power, when needed. Many applicators find the white scrubbing pad helpful if grout dries a little too hard on the surface of the tile or stone. The dried grout can be more readily removed without the addition of extra water that could possibly harm the grout joint.

Sealer Sponge

Given our background with sealers, we developed this specialty sponge for use with water, acrylic and solvent based sealers for tile, stone and grout. It is made of a proprietary polyester base material and we use our exclusive gas reticulation process. However, the sealer sponge is made to be much denser than our other sponges so that it will hold the maximum amount of sealer for faster application. The sponge is also designed to put down a smoother and more level layer of sealer which is especially important with coating sealer.

Epoxy Grout Sponge

Our epoxy grout sponge was developed at the request of “demanding” applicators who asked for a grout sponge that would make the clean up of epoxy grout faster and easier. We use polyester as the base material, but created a unique design that is highly abrasive yet smooth enough not to harm the tile, stone or epoxy grout. Our epoxy sponge also cleans up very well after use to make it a very durable and long lasting product.