• Sealer Sponges

    Given our background with sealers, we developed this specialty sponge for use with water , acrylic and solvent based sealers for tile, stone and grout.. It is made of a proprietary polyester base material and we use our exclusive gas reticulation process. However, the sealer sponge is made to be much denser than our other sponges so that it will hold the maximum amount of sealer for faster application. The sponge is also designed to put down a smoother and more level layer of sealer which is especially important with coating sealers.

    SKU NumberQty Per BaleSponge ColorSponge DimensionsBale DimensionsWgt Per Bale
    S10ST500Green6.5" X 4.5" X 2"30" X 24" X 14"27 lbs
    S10ST-100100Green6.5" X 4.5" X 2"18" X 10" X 7"6 lbs